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Lanza Be Long hair products form Lanza Research International, is just one of several lines offered by Lanza hair products.

Lanza products are grouped to fit your hair needs. L'anza's innovative research labs continue to provide real people with real solutions by offering new products and services for each & hair type, hair condition and hair length from short to long hair styles. This philosophy has grown and now L'anza is known as - "The Hair Solution Company".

The Keratin Bond System® was developed by L'anza's chief chemist and founder Robert De Lanza. The "miracle" cure, as it¹s been called, combines select herbs and protein through a unique hydrolization process. The result is a protein delivery system that in a short time makes the hair look and feel stronger, softer healthy. Lanza Be Long aka Lanza Long Hair Formula

Lanza Be Long is obviously for folks with long hair styles.

L'anza celebrates the enduring Long Hair Styles with the first state-of-the-art hair care system the Lanza Long Hair Formula . Each Long Hair Styles product is specifically designed to maximize your hair length potential.

However Lanza Solutions encompass all hair styles, hair conditions, hair color enhancements, & the environment.


Lanza Urban ElementsLanza hair care also considers the effects of the environment produced as people cluster together in cities. This is the Lanza Urban Elements hair care grouping. URBAN ELEMENTS combines some of L’anza’s most time-tested and performance-driven products…
Daily Essentials, Scalp Therapy and Styling Formula
............… into one simple solution for your basic hair and body needs... Lanza Urban Elements.


Lanza Straight Line Hair ProductsLanza Strait Line (former packageing)Lanza Hair Care Products for temporary wavy hair relaxation offer Lanza Straight Line (Lanza Strait Line) curl relaxing products.

(<---Current packaging on the left.        Former packaging on right.-->)



lanza healing color care


Lanza haircare line for those of us with color treated hair is the Lanza Healing Color Care system.



Lanza Dry Hair Formula



Lanza Dry Hair : A formula for thirsty hair - with extra botanicals and herbal extracts coupled with moisturizers - a solution for dry and dull hair


Lanza Hair Repair



Lanza Hair Repair :A formula for weakened hair - rebuilds and gives strength - a solution for overexposure to the elements, chemical processes and thermal damage.


Volume FormulaLanza Volume A formula for lifeless, dull hair - volumizing ingredients that add body and shine - a solution for hair that wishes to be full and beautiful.


lanza magic bullet Lanza Magic Bullet is a revolutionary deep-penetrating formulation that heals from within to add shine, calm frizzies, and extend the life of your color.



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