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Return Policy - Terms & Conditions

No Return Policy:

If you want to try a product for the first time, please buy a smaller size to see if you like it. Once you buy it, it is yours.

Our web site is designed for those people who know which products they want to use.

Therefore we do not except returns unless:

  1. There is some thing wrong with the product we shipped you, or
  2. We shipped you a product other than the ones that appeared on your order, or
  3. your product(s) were:
    • damaged in shipping (as in the bottle or tube broke, top came off) or
    • defective (as in a mousse that won’t foam or hairspray that won’t spray).

Hair Products are not considered perishable but may be damaged by weather temperature extremes. Please ship to and address where your products will not be left out to bake or freeze. Damage from heat and/or freezing is not covered by or the carrier.

In the event we:

  1. Shipped you the product listed on your order ... and  
  2. After inspection you decide it is not the product you thought you ordered  and
  3. You notify us it is being returned via Email ( E-Mail Return Service )
  4. You get a return authorization number and place it on the returning box by the return label
  5. And the products are  returned it in good condition, unused and unopened.

  6. We charge a 20% restocking fee. That is to say we return the 80% of the cost of the product (but not the cost of shipping & handling).

  7. In addition you will be charged for shipping IF:
    • you ordered over the minimum product total to take advantage the free shipping offer,
    • then decide to return all or part of the order so your order total goes below the minimum free-shipping product-total ... required to qualify ...  for free shipping
    • Then we will charge a 20% restocking fee plus
      • the normal, shipping fee, you would have been charged, had your original order been less than $200.00. or
      •  the actual cost of shipping, that the shipper charged us.
      • whichever is greater
  8. If (in error) you send us products we have NOT sold and shipped to you, or have sent us an unauthorized return;
  9. we will attempt to notify you by e-mail and hold you products awaiting your instructions, for 30 days before we discard them.

You must notify us before returning a product, E-Mail ReturnService , and receive an ok before returning the item.

You then have 30 days to return the item(s) to us, after 30 days all items are permanently yours.

Products must be returned unused and in good condition, this means you should tape down the lids or caps on bottles and sprays to receive your credit.


If you return a product without notifying us, or

You returned a product we DO NOT OFFER FOR SALE, we will notify you via Email.

We will hold the product for 30 days so you can tell us how you want to pay for return shipping or other product disposition. After 30 days the products will be thrown out.  

 Please note: Credit card credits take an average of 5 business days to be posted back to your account. Credits under $1.00 are not applicable for refund due to credit card processing fees. When using a debit card the bank may hold on to your funds for 72 hours after we have canceled the order due to the info not being validated by the credit card company.


Please note:

Product Companies change packaging, they rarely change the ingredients in the products. (One possible exception being changes to meet State VOC requirements.)

  • Product companies often change the wording on the package. Add descriptions or just leave a description off the bottle. 

  • They often change the wording on the same package design several times in the course of the package design, same product just different words.

  • Product companies Usually make announcements when they a change a products ingredients. It is rare that we are not informed but if you have a question we will ask the company and try to get an the answer for you.

  • We want to make sure that you get the right product.

  • If the product inside the container is the same but the package changed, we do not offer refunds,

  • If  the product in the container has been changed,  not just a change to the package, we will accept the return and give you a credit. Again You must notify us before returning a product, Help Phone or E-Mail Returns , and receive an ok before returning the item.

Product companies discontinue products frequently, if you can’t find it on the web site:

  • We either forgot to put it up on the web site please call our Help Phone or E-Mail Sales

  • It has been discontinued or changed.

  • It is brand new and we haven’t gotten on the web site yet.

When a product has been changed we may also display a picture of the former version on the web site to help  viewers identify the product they are looking for.

If in doubt contact us, E-Mail Questions, if we do not know we will try to find out for you.

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