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Roffler Gengle Shave

Roffler Gentle Shave

GENTLE SHAVE:  A shaving cream that conditions your skin as you shave. This Roffler shave cream is a revolutionary product containing mink oil. Gent-L-Shave conditioners to soothe sensitive skin and give you the smoothest shave you've ever experienced. Prevents nicks and irritation, and is perfect for men and women.


     1-5.1oz  Roffler Gentle Shave  $   8.88 
   12-5.1oz  Roffler Gentle Shave  $ 97.68 Case of 12 buy 11 get one free!
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Gentle Shave is a cream, not foam. Conditioning ingredients prevent nicks and irritation. The rich lubricating action helps the razor glide over the skin for a close comfortable shave. Gentle Shave's mixture of organic protein and special skin-protecting ingredients makes shaving a pleasure.

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A personal note and observations... I have used and sold Gentle Shave for over 25 years. This is a product that has no in-between. You either love it or hate it. The tube has a toothpick diameter hole in the top. After showering I add some warm water to my face and squeeze out 1/4 inch of Gentle Shave. I dot this on and when rubbed around it disappears. IF YOU SEE IT YOU ARE USING TOO MUCH. I then use a disposable twin blade razor to shave. If my fingers tell me that I miss a spot, I add water to REACTIVATE the Gentle Shave still invisible on my face and re-shave. WHEN YOU FIRST START, USE YOUR CURRENT, - IN USE - "DULL" RAZOR. I have had clients get out a new razor for their first Gentle Shave shave. They all report their first shave was TOO close!  Gentle shave will make your old and dull razor seem sharp again. For me there is a bonus saving. My disposable razors last 3 times longer than they do with other products. This product is so slippery I can not use it to shave a customer in the shop with a straight razor. (One main trick to a Shop Shave is stretching the skin tightly to help prevent nicks. This product is so slippery I can not stretch a clients skin at all let alone tightly enough to shave him.)   One tube lasts me 18 months. Despite my efforts to convince some of our clients they overuse the product consuming 3 tubes a year. But they won't use anything else. In my opinion most places do not carry Gentle Shave because it takes too long for clients to use it and re-buy. This slow inventory turnover means it takes a long time and a consistent effort to establish a large enough clientele so they can justify keeping Gentle Shave on the shelf.  ... John

Here is what the Chemist tells us about Gentle Shave

Would you explain Gent-L-Shave and also why it works so well?
Gent-L-Shave is not a traditional (soap type) foaming shave cream. It is a unique shaving lubricant cream that may be used by both men and women. Gent-L-Shave is also a concentrated conditioning cream while must be used sparingly for best results. 

The exceptional smooth shaving properties of Gent-L- Shave are the result of a combination of lubricating ingredients. Dimethicone, a silicone derivative, provides for exceptional razor glide over the surface of the skin. Mink oil, sesame oil and mineral oil combine to provide extra lubrication and also contribute to the moisturizing of the skin's surface. Lanolin derivatives and two nongreasy lubricants also contribute to help make Gent-L-Shave the highest quality shaving lubricant available.

Several conditioners have also been incorporated for additional skin protection. Quaternium-19, a special cationic polymer, imparts a smooth feel to the skin, and protein derivatives replenish dry damaged skin. Aldioxa, an allantoin derivative, is included to help heal minor scratches on the skin. And Sorbitol, a humectant, helps to maintain the proper moisture balance of the skin.

Acid-balanced and nonalkaline, Gent-L-Shave is a superior formula with a high level of conditioners and lubricants to make your skin and your shave the most comfortable ever. But remember, it is concentrated; used sparingly, it will outlast and outperform traditional shave creams.

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