Hawaii Wellness Center  Hapuna PELE Experience (Thermal Hair Masque)

"PELE" - The Goddess of Hawaii's Volcanoes
               Brings to your the HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Conditioning Wellness Treatment.  This Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment  (from Hawaii's Mauna Kea Volcano) provides rich minerals and many other volcanic ingredients found it the HAPUNA volcanic thermal masque used to condition your hair and scalp.

HAPUNA essential oils (mixed into the HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque Treatment,) are a unique blend of pure plant essences designed to respond to specific hair & scalp conditions.

  1. Energize & Clarify with STIMULATE essential oil
  2. Soothe & Moisturize with MEDIATE essential oil
  3. Calm & Volumize with RESONATE essential oil
Now you can have the benefits of the  Paul Brown Hawaii PELE experience in your home.

Benefits of Hapuna Volcanic Thermal Masque
The heat generated from the "HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque" acts as an agent to open the cuticle layer and allow the mineral benefits to penetrate the air shaft. As the cuticle cools and closes, the beneficial elements are locked inside. The microcrystalline ash acts as a bonding agent to protect the hair.

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Hawaii Wellness Center Aroma Therapy Experience:

  1. Evaluate scalp & hair to determine correct essential oil formula to use
  2. Clarify & dry hair completely
  3. Begin with clean DRY hair
  4. Start with a shoulder & neck massage:
    Place hands on shoulders, start at the midline, pressing down with your hands doing shoulder pressure, apply pressure working out to the shoulders and working down the arm to the elbow and working your way back up to the midline of the shoulders. Repeat 3 times
  5. Apply 5 drops of oil onto the scalp in these special areas. 1-drop at the crown and 1 drop in each of the four quadrants.
  6. Place 2 drops of oil onto the palm of your hands and start massaging the neck. Using the whole of your hands, start at the base of the neck and start kneading the neck with both hands working your way to the nape of the neck. Repeat 3 times.
  7. Start at the back of the head, using the shampoo technique, pressing into the scalp making small circular motions (with the pads of your fingers) to disperse the oils on the scalp, working towards the front of the head. Do NOT use your fingernails. Note: if tangles exist, add additional oil throughout the hair.
  8. Use paddle brush to evenly distribute the oils through the scalp and hair (alternately, for shorter hair use your fingers with a feather like motion). Brush hair backwards and forwards to help increase the circulation of the scalp and dispense the oil to the ends of the hair for the conditioning benefits.

  9. END Aroma Therapy Experience by starting Hair Service(s)
    BEGIN- Hawaii Wellness Center Hapuna Conditioning Treatment (Hair Thermal Masque)
  10. Place approximately 2 tablespoons of the HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque into a small container (adjust quantity depending of length & density of hair) Add 1-DROPPER FULL of the desired Essential oil, to the masque & mix with spatula.
    Note: For the Therapeutic Experience, add the essential oil to the HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque determined by the scalp/skin condition being treated.)
  11. use a wide-toothed comb, applying the HAPUNA Thermal Masque mixture to the hair  & scalp, starting at the nape of the neck & working up towards the crown of the head.
  12. After completing the application of the HAPUNA Thermal Masque, add 1oz of HAPUNA conditioner on top of the masque with the wide-toothed comb. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. The moisture in the HAPUNA condition acts as a thermal generator causing the masque to heat up. The thermal conditioning process has begun.
  13. Place a plastic processing cap over the hair, apply "medium" heat using dryer or heat cap for 15 minutes.  The HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque has a bonding effect on the cuticle layer to smoothes & seal broken bonds.
  14. Rinse the HAPUNA Volcanic Thermal Masque from the hair until the water runs clear
  15. Shampoo hair with HAPUNA Cleanse Shampoo, (designed to cleanse & balance hair using natural sea flowers and plant extracts.)  Towel dry hair.
  16. Proceed with hair service using HAPUNA styling products
  17. To maximize benefit of service maintain at home use all the HAPUNA products.
    END Duel Hawaii Wellness Center service: Aroma-Therapy with Conditioning Treatment

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