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Alterna & Alterna Hair Products : Absolutely #1

Alterna Shampoo: is available in 4 separate and distinct product lines:

Alterna shampoo for chemically treated hair has been reformulated as Alterna Repair Shampoo.

alterna shampoo hemp

Alterna Shampoo Straight

Alterna Hemp Shampoo Straight formulation is a gentle, sulfate free daily shampoo designed to tame frizzy, unmanageable hair. Hair becomes soft and smooth with radiant shine.

  • Planell oil seals the hair, adding shine and hold without a greasy feel.
    Prevents moisture-related reversion of straightened hair back to curly to hold straight styles.
  • Marula oil, an oleic acid rich oil builds a moisture barrier to maintain healthy hair.
  • Hemp seed oil restores elasticity, manageability and shine.
  • Ideal for dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.
  • Nutrient activating enzymes prevent damage caused by sunlight and pollutants.
    Ideal for daily use.
Order Alterna Shampoo Hemp Straight

Alterna Shampoo  - REPAIR

Alterna Hemp Shampoo Repair formulation is a gentle shampoo composed of a mild surfactant system to thoroughly cleanse chemically-treated hair without over drying or fading color.

  • Fennel extracts help neutralize peroxides and preserve color
  • Hemp seed oil restores elasticity, manageability and shine
  • Polymer and silicone agents improve comb ability and defend hair from damage
  • Gentle for everyday use
Order Alterna Shampoo Hemp Repair

Alterna Shampoo - Shine

Alterna Hemp Shampoo Shine formulation is a fragrant rich daily shampoo that helps restore shine and luster to all types of hair while showering it with antioxidants.

  • Sweet orange peel extracts lightly clarify hair and add sheen
  • Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Hemp seed oil restores elasticity, manageability and shine
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Nutrient activating enzymes prevent damage caused by sunlight and pollutants.
Order Alterna Shampoo Hemp Shine

Alterna Shampoo - Hydrating

Alterna Hemp Shampoo Hydrating formulation is a gentle moisture-rich shampoo designed to restore strength and moisture levels in extremely dry, thick or damaged hair.

  • Hemp seed oil restores elasticity, manageability and shine
  • Quaternized honey enhances moisture in dry, damaged hair
  • Nutrient activating enzymes prevent damage caused by sunlight and pollutants
  • Gentle for everyday use
Order Alterna Shampoo Hemp Hydrate

Alterna Shampoo Caviar

Caviar Anti•Aging Shampooalterna cavaiar shampoo

Alterna Caviar Shampoo is an ultra rich moisturizing shampoo that gently cleanses without stripping the hair.  Formulated with Alterna's Age-Control Complex,

        Restores both vibrancy and elasticity to the hair
        Targets the aging process
        Contains three super charged, key ingredients
        Safeguards chemically-treated hair

        Apply generous amounts to wet hair and lather
        Rinse and repeat if necessary
        For best results, follow with Alterh's Caviar Anti
Aging Conditioner

Order Alterna Shampoo Caviar

alterna life shampoo

Alterna Life Restore Shampoo

Alterna Life Shampoo Restore formulation is gentle, sulfate-free restorative treatment shampoo contacting Alterna's patent-pending Nutrozyme complex.

Order Alterna Shampoo Life

Alterna Scalp Solutions ShampooAlterna LIFE Scalp-Solution Shampoo

Alterna Life Shampoo Scalp Solution formulation is a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that gently cleanses & balances hair & Scalp. Combats & Sooths irritatiion, promotes healing, controls flaking.

Order Alterna Shampoo Life Scalp Solutions


Alterna LIFE Curls Shampoo
Alterna Life Shampoo Curls formulation is desighned to hydrate and fortify dry, weakened hair and tame frizz. Contains Alterna's LIFE Elasto-Complex for curly hair.

Order Alterna Shampoo Life


Alterna Life Volumizing Shampoo

Alterna Life Shampoo Volumizing formulation gently cleanses hair and scalp while strengthening and expanding the diameter of each hair strand and promoting healthy keratin formation for optimum thickness and volume.

Order Alterna Shampoo Life

alterna shampoo Luxury

White Truffle Luxury Shampoo
Private Reserve

A luxurious shampoo that combines Alterna's enzymetherapy® with rare ingredients such as European White Truffle Oil to provide the most effective natural cleansing system.


Order Alterna Shampoo Luxury White Truffle


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Alterna 10 Shampoo alterna 10 shampoo

Alterna 10 shampoos improve the way your hair performs, while giving you the luxury you deserve. The Alterna Science of 10 will encourage your hair to perform at its best under any condition. It is the right choice for any type of hair, any time of year. The perfect fusion of ten key  elements will preserve your hair's future beauty. This highly concentrated sulfate free cleanser easily sweepa away impurities leaving your hair to rediscover an amazing sensation of well-being.

order Alterna 10 Shampoo

  • Deeply rebalances and nourishes all hair types for customized results.
  • Optimal  protection against color fade and color washout.
  • Guards your hair from environmental and chemical stress and the aging process
  • Visibly healthy, radiant and beautiful hair.

Disclaimer: The manufacturers and distributors of the products being offered for sale are the owners of their registered trademarks, trade names and copyrights. Beauty Supply is not related to, nor affiliated  with, any of the owners,  manufacturers or wholesale distributors, of the products and brand names being offered for sale.

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