Color Lover
      4 Steps 4 Volume

Color Lover 4 Steps 4 Volume

Color Lover 4 Steps 4 Volume

Color Lover Shampoos (as seen on the  Hair Matters Color Lover Framesi Winner page)
 |  Volume Shampoo  |

  1. Start with our Color Lover Pure Volume Shampoo: Shampoo rinse - then  Repeat by shampooing & rinsing again

  2. Apply a SMALL amount of Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner: is a NEW highly concentrated deep conditioning treatment you can use every day following your Color Lover Volume Shampoo.  it is simple, you put it on and wait 3 to 5 minutes, you rinse it out. You use it a t home right in your shower. Believe me when I tell you, if you like your hair (or if your hair is in bad shape and you want to like your hair) Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner is  worth every penny you spend on it.  You don't need much so it's cost effective and even better, right now its on sale too!
    Just take a small amount of Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner and rub together in your hands to emulsify then apply to your freshly shampooed hair and wait 3 to 5 minutes

  3. When you come out of the shower Spritz  Color Lover volume boost treatment, on to your hair then use your hands or a comb to work through your damp hair.

  4. This step is optional our customers all say they like it once thy try it. We simply put Color Lover Hair Primer daily conditioner on top of the Color Lover volume boost. Adding Color Lover Hair Primer, this will add more volume and more protection to your hair.
  5. I know we said ... 4 steps  4 VOLUME  and here is number 5. Well the 4 steps put the foundation for volume in your hair. So believe it or not you have volume!. Just don't cheat yourself and your hair by leaving off your styling aid. That's right those little styling tools that help keep the style you want and show off the new  VOLUME  all day long.


framesi Color Lover volume shampo

Color Lover Volume Shampoo for special needs hair


Barley extract is a concentrate of proteins, carbohydrates,
minerals and silicic acid, and is particularly suitable for fortifying and
revitalizing fine hair.
Its trace elements help to boost the hair fiber, giving it greater body
and shine and intensifying the color.

Directions for use: apply Color Lover Shampoo to damp hair and massage to produce a rich lather.
Leave on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse and repeat if necessary.


16.9 oz Color Lover Volume Shampoo - $18.00   20.00
33.8oz  Color Lover Volume Shampoo - $30.51   33.90
128oz   Color Lover Volume Shampoo - $85.00  136.33
  3.4oz   Color Lover Volume Shampoo - $5.90     Travel Size
Try-Me Deal get a Free Hair Primer
             get 1-16oz Color Lover Volume Shampoo +
                    1-16oz Color Lover Volume Conditioner +
                    1-8.5oz Color Lover Volume BOOST  +
                    1-8.5oz Hair Primer 11 - $54.00 
84.00    your hair primer 11 is FREE
(more about  Framesi Color Lover Volume Shampoo)

Color Lover Conditioner
Volume Conditioner  |


Color Lover Volume Conditioner  RINSE -OUT

  • With moisturizers and a pool of antioxidant enzymes
  •  bio-technological origin,
  • favors the alignment of the hair fibers,
  •  exalting smoothness
  • gives exceptional shine
  • prolongs color

Directions for use:  apply to damp hair after washing, massage,
leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and proceed with drying.

16.9 oz Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner -$18.00    20.00 RINSE OUT
33.8oz  Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner - $30.51   33.90 RINSE OUT
128 oz  Color Lover VOLUME Conditioner  $85.00  136.33 RINSE OUT
  3.4oz   Travel Size Color Lover Volume Conditioner - $6.00  
(more about 
Framesi Color Lover Volume Conditioner)

Color Lover LEAVE-IN volume CONDITONER

Color Lover Volume Conditioner spray-on / leave-in conditioner V0LUME BOOST

  • Boosts body without weight
  • Enhances softness
  • Eliminates static electricity,
  • Facilitating styling

Directions for use:  shake well.
Sprits to apply on damp hair after washing and
do not rinse, apply styling aids then dry

8.45 oz Color Lover VOLUME Leave-In Spray-On Conditioner -$18.00 20.00
(more about  Framesi Color Lover Volume Conditioner)

Color Lover air primer

Color Lover Hair Primer 11 for special needs hair

Pre-styling, acid pH primer, formulated with antioxidant enzymes  and a UV screen.
Indispensable for removing imperfections before drying the hair.
With 11 plus  (as seen on Hair Matters Feel Better Hair Page)

  • Cosmetic color protection for all hair types
  • Protection from hair dryer and iron heat
  • Hydration and nourishment for damaged hair
  • Light texture which does not weigh down the hair shaft
  • Shine and silkiness for frizzy hair
  • Greater body for delicate and fine hair
  • Anti-static control
  • Better manageability for coarse and frizzy hair
  • Easier styling for straight hair
  • Longer-lasting styling
  • Combats split ends

Directions for use:

  • spray evenly over still damp hair,
  • comb to distribute uniformly, and then,
  • without rinsing,
  • proceed with drying with the normal styling and finishing products
  • See Hair Matters Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment for use after deep conditioning with moisture masque

8.5 oz Color Lover Hair Primer 11 -$19.80 22.00
(more about  Framesi Color Lover Hair Primer)

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