Framesi Biogenol

Framesi Biogenol

Biogenol, Biogenol Framesi would better be thought of as Framesi Biogenol. Framesi, the parent company has five (5) product lines. Biogenol is the oldest Framesi product line in the US. The Biogenol product line that was designed specifically to compliment the Framesi Hair Color System consisting of Professional only hair color products.

(The silver tubes denote Fram Futura Hair Color, pink tubes signify Framesi 2001 hair color, White Tubes indicate the 221 line - the only color that lifts another color, and the black tubes indicate the Framesi Eclectics  hair color line.)

Order Biogenol Hair Products:

Biogenol shampoo, and Biogenol conditioner are the cornerstone of the Biogenol Hair Product line, including the Biogenol Framesi leave in conditioner. Available formulations include Framesi Biogenol Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing shampoo, Nourishing shampoo and Ultra Body Shampoo. The Biogenol Framesi Styling tools including Biogenol  hairsprays as well as the Biogenol aerosols hair spray. One of the most requested styling tools is Biogenol Snapp Curl Rejuvenator by Framesi. It does just what you would expect, (that is to say it closes the cuticle layer of the hair to assist in returning curl and body when the hair is weaker, older or at the end of a perm).

Some folks look for Biogenol Discount Hair Products without realizing the Biogenol offers built in discounts in every bottle sold. First, unlike so many store brands Biogenol is concentrated. To get the discount all you do is place a small amount of the Biogenol Shampoo (or Biogenol Conditioner) in your already wet hand and use a little water to "make up" more Biogenol Shampoo! Who wants to pay to ship water anyway? I surely don't. Then apply the shampoo to your already wet hair and lather. Rinse. Repeat using even less shampoo the second time. Rinse and follow the same "make up" procedure with the conditioner. Distribute through the hair and let set while you shower then rinse just before coming out of the shower. The second Biogenol Discount Hair Product secret is buying your products in bigger sizes! Not enough folks know about this savings so several of the gallon sizes have been discontinued simply because the salons never offered them for sale. So to save big buy BIG. Buy your Biogenol Shampoo in gallons and save big or at least buy the  liter (33.8oz) sizes when gallons are not available, or whenever  you need shampoo and conditioner.

The real secret behind Biogenol shampoo for Color treated hair is the Framesi Hair Color. When your hair is colored properly the hair is left in better shape. Keeping your hair in great shape with Biogenol Hair Care Products is "your icing" on your cake!

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