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Shampoo For Hard Water Hair

Lots of folks look for " hair care for hard water"  and some are stuck washing hair in hard water other say "my hair turned orange from hard water."   If you you are in one of these categories, you should get the EC Mode Just for Well Water Kit . The Just for Well Water Kit you get all the your hair care products for hard water home maintenance and home prevention in one box. The kit has Just for Well Water Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your hair in good shape. Plus you get QuickIn Demineralizer  to combine with the contents of the Just for Well water packet, to make a little at home mini treatment right in your shower. Its easy and it's a treatment you use "as needed" to boost your every day maintenance. A good hair rinse for hard water is the Malibu Well Water Action Conditioner.

. If your hair has become overloaded or if you are just starting you should bring out the big gun and start with a Malibu Makeover Treatment to remove hard water deposits from you hair. Treatments vary depending on hair types and for some treatments requires the use of heat in the for of an over-head dryer, heat bonnet type dryer or a Heat Cap.
Click on --> Malibu Makeover Treatment to pick the treatment that's best for your individual hair type (original - grey/non pigmented, ultra blond/color treated or scalp treatment). In the event you have normal - non colored - and not gray hair you can pick up a Well Water Action Removal Kit. This includes on treatment (no heat required) one processing cap and a re-useable mixing jar.



My hair turned orange from hard water.
other hair discoloration from hard water.

The Malibu Makeover Treatment wellness approach uses nature's own Vitamin C to effectively remove discoloration from hair. The Malibu Makeover Treatment can:

  • Remove orange discoloration caused by iron build up.
  • Remove green discoloration caused by copper build up.
  • Remove color that has not properly processed due to mineral build up.
  • Remove most medications that have seeped through the scalp.
  • Remove yellow discoloration caused by cigarette smoke.
Hard Water Remedies

 Hard Water Remedies. Homes that depend on well water often exposing hair to minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium) that can attach on to the hair and scalp and cause dryness, damage, discoloration, hair loss, flaky, itchy scalp, and the inability for chemical services to properly process.

The best shampoo for hard water, helps prevent build-up of well water minerals (iron, calcium, copper, magnesium) while gently cleansing hair and scalp. Helps prevent discoloration caused by iron and copper. Leaves hair soft, manageable, full of shine and free of minerals.

"shampoo for hard water", "hard water shampoos", "shampoo hard water", hard water shampoo  are all different ways of asking for
Malibu 2000 Well Water Action Shampoo. Available in both 9oz and 32oz sizes.

Minerals and calcium bond to hair. When you color your hair, some of the color is deposited to the minerals / calcium, not just the hair. When you remove the minerals from the hair you will remove some of the color (the color that has stuck to the minerals).


You will notice this especially with the reds.


It is not that the Well Water action Shampoo removes color as it is that it removes mineral deposits that some of the color has stuck to. This effect lessen each time you use the Well Water Action line.



For bleached hair, the effect is to take the weight off the hair, as the minerals and calcium leave the hair. Some describe the result as "Leaves the hair softer", "fly away"  Etc. Etc.


Our experience is that the bleach hair will be lighter in weight and dries faster. Mineral and calcium weigh the hair down and makes its condition  look worse than it really is. So your bleached  hair may be in better condition than you think ! 

The best shampoo for hard water hair: Malibu 2000 Well Water Action Shampoo.


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Hair Care For Hard Water Hair

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