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Lanza Beach Spray styling aid

  • Creates Sexy tousled, wind swept hair styles
  • Provides natural waves & separation
  • Gives you the "fresh from the beach" look
  • Contains nourishing ocean botanicals
  • Fortifying sea minerals for added structural integrity
  • Control level 5 of 10

3.4oz Lanza Beach Spray  $21.60  24.00

lanza beach spray

Lanza Bungee
Elastic styling cream. Stretches and holds with body and bounce. Promotes malleable art forms, disjointed designs and moveable stretch.
  • For a style with moveable stretch, apply to dry hair & move into place; play with it – it snaps back!
  • For all-day control that springs into action, apply to damp, naturally curly hair & let dry.
  • For a springy bounce protected from heat, apply a small amount to damp hair, blow dry, curl or straighten with a flat iron as desired
  • For disjointed strands, apply to dry hair – the pieces will stay separated all day
  • For out-of-control styling, mix it up with Bodifying Foam L’ANZA Bodifying Foam

Sorry - no longer available

Lanza FIBER Cream
  • Refining
  • Styling
  •  control 6 of 10

3.5oz - $21.60 now Art Elements Contour Fiber Cream 24.00

lanza contur fiber cream

Lanza Design Foam Lanza Mousse  

A 5-in-1 conditioning and styling foam that provides complete styling control with or without heat, with we hair or dry hair, for roller sets, blow drying or naturally drying styles. Provides smoothness and control for frizzy, curly, or dry hair. Easy to apply foam puts control and lift where you want it. Formulated for soft styling.

7.1oz    $21.60  Art Elements Healing Design Foam 24.00
more about Lanza Art Elements Lanza Healing Style Design Foam

lanza design foam

Lanza Dramatic f/x

A super-fine, medium hold mist to complete your styling with the detailing and defining capacity required for today's styles. Gives extra support for gravity defying styling. Create high definition to styles. Designed for holding memory to styles, giving extra body to fine hair. An all around great hairspray for comb outs and hot roller sets. Formulated for all hair types.

10oz - $21.60 now Urban Elements Dramatic fx 24.00

lanza Dramatic F/X

Lanza Mega Gel
A multi-purpose, non-alcohol gel with a strong hold, but a soft natural touch. Can be used for blow-dry or naturally sculpted styles. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

 6.8oz    $ 16.20  Lanza Mega Gel  18.00
more about Lanza Art Elements Lanza Healing Style Mega Gel

lanza mega gel

Lanza Molding Paste
thickens and provides more density to the hair, allowing for more manageable styleswith increased volume, body and definition.


6oz $21.60 Lanza Molding Paste 24.00

lanza molding paste

Lanza Polyester styling aid
Adds texture, volume and shine. Provides long-lasting resilient support with touchable movement.
  • For fullness, bounce & shine, apply to clean, damp hair; blow dry as desired
  • For lift, volume & fullness with flexible hold, apply to dry hair at roots.
  • For moveable curl & frizz-control without weight, apply to damp, wavy or curly hair; scrunch-in while drying.
  • For a textured look, apply to wavy or curly hair & sculpt into place; dry naturally.
  • For a soft, romantic look on fine hair, apply to damp hair & rough-dry; follow with hot-roller set.
  • For added flexibility & thickness, cocktail with L’ANZA Molding Paste
  • For added shine, cocktail with L’ANZA  CP Anti Aging Neem Plant Silk Serum
  • For added volume & shine, cocktail with L’ANZA Volume Bodifying Liquid
  • For added control & shine, cocktail with L’ANZA Bodifying Foam

sorry no longer available

Lanza Art Elements Powder Up Texturizer   

Great for root lift on fine, normal & permed hair!

This unique powder dissolves immediately and absorbs into each strand of hair to provide elevated support and control. Get lightweight texture and uplifting volume with Powder Up Texturizer, for all hair types. Allows natural movement and separation that will last throughout the day. Especially when you hair just went flat or 
when you need volume the "next day" and don't have time to start with a fresh shampoo,  blow dry and restyle your hair. Easy to take in your purse for quick volume-pick-me-up too.

Salon clients with perms love powder-up - it works well to makeup for the lost root lift as you perm starts to grow out!

Directions: Shake gently. Sprinkle a small amount directly onto dry
hair & style. Or apply to hand & dissolve, then rake through dry or damp hair to style. This white powder disappears when it hits your hair.

0.53oz  Lanza Powder Up  $21.60 24.00

lanza powder up

Lanza Refine Pomade
  • Refining
  • Styling
  • Pomade
  •  control 3 of 10

sorry no longer available

Lanza Clay was called Dry Clay

3.5oz Lanza Sculpt Clay  $21.60  24.00

lanza dry clay

Lanza Lanza Sculpting Paste 

3.2oz Lanza Sculpting Paste $21.60  24.00

Lanza Sculpting Paste

Lanza Air Paste

5oz Lanza Shine FX   $18.00  23.00

lanza air paste

Lanza Foundation Mousse

The unbreakable, unflakeable mousse!
Control 6 out of 1

Heals hair to boost body, texture & support

  • Copaifera Tree Resin is a natural fixative that creates style memory
  • Panthenol increases hair diameter by up to 10%, for a bold bodyfull foundation
Directions: Use on dry or damp hair. Shake can well, turn upside-down & dispense mouse into hand. Distribute throughout hair. Leave-in & style as desired. Blow-dry or let hair dry naturally.

8.5oz Lanza Foundation Mousse $21.60      24.00
more about Lanza Art Elements Lanza Healing Style Spray Gel

lanza spray gel

Lanza Taffy "styling aid
Shapes, manipulates and twists hair into a diversity of artistic designs. Directs hair into movable forms and stylish contours.

  • For an all-day flexible hold with a sleek look, apply to clean, damp hair; comb-style as desired & dry naturally.

  • For frizz control & definition, apply to clean, dry, styled hair.
  • For a sleek finish, apply to clean, damp hair; blow-dry smooth; follow with a flat iron.
  • For curl definition, apply to clean, damp hair; shape curls & dry naturally.
  • For that “slept-in” look, cocktail with L’ANZA Molding Paste.

2.5oz  Lanza Taffy $21.60  24.00

lanza taffy

Lanza Design f/x

  • Lightweight and flexible working spray – great for hot tools.
  • Lightweight and flexible working spray – great for hot tools.
  • Fast-drying formula.
  • Brushable, frizz-free and provides natural movement.
  • UV haircolor protection and humidity resistant.
  • Thermal Protection: up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Control: 4 of 10

The L’ANZA Keratin Healing System, repairing damage while creating manageable styles at the same time.


  • Mist onto damp hair and blow dry.
  • Mist onto dry sections of hair before using a flat iron; comb through. Works for smooth styles, bends or flicks.
  • Mist onto dry sections of hair before using a curling iron. Separate curls with fingers. Mist over finished style for light hold.

7.1oz - Art Elements Design f/x  $21.60  24.00

lanza ultimae F/X

Lanza Art Elements Lanza Themal Defence Spray

Lightweight styler provides medium to strong style support.

Lightweight styler provides medium to strong style support while providing hair protection during styling process. Provides gentle slip for effortless styling – won’t leave sticky residue on irons.

Thermal Protection: up to 500°F (260°C): Cactus Extract provides extra thermal protection against blow dryers and hot irons (up to 500° F / 260° C, depending on hair structure and condition). Organic Coix Seed Extract calms curls, while Keratin Healing System and Mangosteen Fruit Extract add glossy shine.

Directions:Apply to damp or dry hair. Style with blow dryer or flat iron as usual.

6.8oz - Art Elements Ultimate f/x  $21.60  24.00

lanza ultimate gel

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