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    Healing ColorCare, is the only color care line,
      to heal your hair, a crucial benefit for maintaining your hair color.

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Healing Color Care Formula

ColorCare Color-Preserving Shampoo The Lanza Color Care Preserving Shampoo is a low lather formula. So if you go for several days between shampoos you will probably want to use with Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo or Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo for your first application of shampoo. Follow with the Lanza Healing Color Care Shampoo and Lanza Healing Color Care Conditioner. You will love the way your hair feels! 

  10oz Color Care - Preserving
                Shampoo $26.00   29.00 (Top right)
33.8oz Color Care - Preserving
                Shampoo $53.00   59.00     lanza silver brightening shampoo | lanza purple shampoo     

Lanza Purple Shampoo
 10oz Color Care - Brightening
                Shampoo $26.00  29.00
33.8oz Color Care - Brightening
                Shampoo $53.00  59.00

Lanza Clairifying Shampoo

10oz Color Care - CLARIFYING
                Shampoo $53.00  59.00 (bottom right)

(also see Hair Matters for Color Shampoo Tips for silver/purple shampoo)

lanza color care shampoo | lanza color preserving shampoo
lanza color care clairifying shampoo
ColorCare - Preserving Conditioner The Lanza Color Care Preserving conditioner id wonderful! It will leaves the hair easy to comb out and the fragrance always gets high praise. You will love the way your hair feels!
 8.45oz Color Care - Preserving Conditioner
               $26.00  29.00
33.8oz Color Care - Preserving Conditioner
               $53.00  59.00color care blue consitioner

Lanza De-Brassing Blue Conditioner
 10oz Color Care - Blue
                Conditioner $26.00  29.00
33.8oz Color Care - Blue
                Conditioner $53.00  59.000

lonza color care conditioner

 Color Preserving
Magic Bullet Hair Healer

  • Restores Health
  • Adds Shine
  • Longer Lasting Color

Magic Bullet is a revolutionary deep-penetrating formulation that heals from within to add shine, calm frizzies, and extend the life of your color.
Magic Bullet Hair Healer is a revolutionary, deep-penetrating formulation that heals hair from within.
L'ANZA says, "First heal the damage." How? Use "Magic Bullet hair healer."

How Magic Bullet works:

  • Penetrates deep inside the cuticle to restore strength and integrity to the cuticle wall
  • Heals damaged areas of the interior cortex
  • Repairs hair's structural barrier
  • Seals in color, moisture and nutrients
  • Shields from harmful elements and damaging aggressors
  • Protects from UV rays, thermal styling and chemical treatments
  • Forms a protective barrier to seal in vital components and keep out harmful elements

Use daily by spraying the ultra-concentrated dose into dry or damp hair and leave-in.
Apply prior to styling and blow-drying to protect from thermal damage.

 Sorry No Longer Available
Lanza Magic Bullet

Lanza Trauma Treatment Trauma Treatment leave-in  / leave-on  conditioning treatment

  • Deep treatment improves traumatized hair
  • Improves color attachment and longevity
  • Hair color lasts up to 107% longer
  • Flower shield complex and UV protectants guard against fading

Directions: Use daily by apply on towel dried hair  leave-in.

5.1oz  Lanza Trauma Treatment $27.00   30.00
33.8oz  Lanza Trauma Treatment $53.00   59.00
lanza trama treatment
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