Lanza Healing Pure
Clarify - or chelate - your hair then restore needed keratin proteins. Use the Lanza Pure System before treatments to remove unwanted minerals from hard water or after swimming.

Lanza Healing Pure Clarifying Shampoo   

CLARIFYING SHAMPOO utilizes natural purifiers and EDTA-free chelators to remove chlorine, hard water minerals, build-up, metals, chemicals and pollutants.

10oz Lanza Healing Pure
                 Clarifying Shampoo $22.68 25.20
33oz Lanza Healing Pure
                 Clarifying Shampoo $52.02 57.80

Lanza Healing Pure Clarifying shampoo

Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion

KERATIN INFUSION delivers vital Keratin Protein into the microscopic holes and gaps in the hair where embedded debris was removed during the clarifying process. Hair becomes exceptionally clean with dramatically improved strength, smoothness and shine.

 5.1oz  Lanza Healing Pure
                 Keratin Infusion $22.68 25.20
 16oz  Lanza Healing Pure
                 Keratin Infusion, $45.02 53.80
Lanza Healing Pure Clarifying Infusion

Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Replenishing Conditioner

Especially formulated to replenish vital Keratin Protein after the hair has been clarified or chelated.
Delivers optimal hydration for hair exposed to sun, chlorine & the elements
Eliminates "swimmer's green" & well water orange" hair.
This color protecting formula is free of parabens, gluten, sodium chloride & EDTA.

8.5oz Lanza Healing Pure
                 Replenishing Conditioner $22.68 25.20


lanza healing pure replenishing conditioner

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