Lanza Healing Style  Products all helps you Creates versatile styles while maintaining your healthy &  manageable hair.

L'ANZA Healing Style is the only line of styling products that heal the hair. All products provide thermal protection and prevent hair color from fading. Advanced technology delivers long lasting hold without cracking, flaking or sticky residue.

Damaged Hair   Healed Hair

lanza damaged hair


lanza healed hair

  • Your Hair Lacks shine and body.
  • Your Hair Feels dry and rough.
  • Your Hair Unmanageable and hard to style.
  • Your Hair Breaks and tangles easily.
  • Your Hair Color looks dull, uneven
  • Your Hair Color fades quickly.
  • Your Hair Has shine & body
  • Your Hair Feels silky and smooth.
  • Your Hair is manageable, easy to style & holds curl
  • Your Hair Has strength & Elasticity
  • Your Hair Hair color is even, vibrant
  • Your Hair Color lasts longer.

Key Benefits

  1. Heals the Hair: Exclusive L'ANZA Keratin Healing System™ heals damage while creating manageable styles at the same time.
  2. Preserves Hair color: Healing locks-in hair color and prevents fading.  
  3. Triple UV Protection: The first and only styling products that block all three UV rays, even the most damaging UVC!
  4. Thermal Protection: Cactus Extract provides an extra measure of thermal protection, preventing damage from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Virtually all Healing Style products provide thermal protection up to 500°F / 260°C,
  5. Rainforest Botanicals: Nature provides shine and unbeatable hold! These botanicals provide long-lasting hold without cracking, flaking, or sticky residue

lanza art elements
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lanza design foamDesign Foam is a rich, creamy foam

  • •adds body, bounce & fullness

  • •gives flexible support with touchable softness

  • •leaves gaur with a smooth , natural look and feel


  • Styling Tips:

  • Spray into hands & dispense evenly on damp hair. Allow to air dry or use a diffuser or soft stylier

  • For smoothness and body apply to damp hair, follow with blow drying . Follow with a curling iron to enhance curl and waves


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lanza art elements design foam style pix

To create classic waves, apply Design Foam to damp hair and blow dry. Set sections with curling iron about three inches from scalp and pin until hair cools. Remove pins & brush out to desired style.

Spray Gel:

Spray Gel 

  • •  strong flexible hold without a heavy product feel

  • • alcohol free formula - good for all hair types even fine hairlanza spray gel

  • • light weight mist  dispenses evenly


  • Styling Tips:

  • spray onto damp hair & blow dry

  • spray onto dry hair & scrunch into place

  • foe light waves set with curling iron or rollers


  • Creative Cocktails:

  • Add Design Cream for extra texture. Apply to damp hair, then mist with Spray Gel & blow dry

  • Add Design Foam  for extra volume. Apply at base, then mist with Spray Gel all over the blow dry


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lanza art elements spray gel girl pix

To Create this smooth volume look, mist Spray Gel on Damp hair the blow dry with a round brush. For a light finish mist with Design F/X

Mega Gel - Ultimate Gel :

lanza mega gel Mega Gel extreme styling gel can be used for intense direction & support

  • •great for spiking or strong texture

  • •remains pliable, won't crack or flake, shampoos out easily


  • Styling Tips:

  • Apply to damp or dry hair and scrunch into place


  • lanza ultimate gel

  • Creative Cocktails:

  • Add Art Elements Molding Paste for thickness & texture. with strong hold: apply to damp hair & scrunch into place


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lanza art elements Mega Gel girl pix

Take Charge with this style by applying Mega Gel to damp hair and blow dry with fingers until slightly damp. Follow by applying Ultimate Gel to hands, emulsify, then pull through ends to create spikes.


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