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best dab-on way to cover gray hair  temporarily

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When you can't get to your salon it's the best temporary substitute
Salon Hair Products for Roots

The best  2 way to cover gray hair roots - temporarily -  are dab them away with Color Mark  or Spray them away with Style Edit 
You may wish for a non chemical hair color, natural hair color, gray hair cover: However,  the best hair color to cover gray hair, you can get for Touch-Ups when you can't get to see your colorist is still Color Mark. Why? Because it was designed to give you temporarily cover gray hair. Sure you can try other products like mascara, that were designed for other uses but why take a chance on being embarrassed when Color Mark was designed to do the job for you? Color Mark: best way to cover grey hair - temporarily.

4.5ml Rich Black           instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Dark Brown         instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Medium Brown    instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Light Brown         instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Strawberry Blond            instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Golden Blond      instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Light Golden Blond       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Ash Blond       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Light Ash Blond       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Light Auburn       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Dark Auburn       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99

4.5ml Really Red       instant hair color for gray roots - $19.99


What is ColorMark?

ColorMark: Cover Gray Roots Fast! Color Mark: a true temporary liquid gray hair cover up that won't drip or run in a professional formula with a precise soft-tip applicator.

Good when you can't get to see your colorist & are going someplace special:

  • Take it on vacation
  • use as Emergency Hair Colors along parts and hairlines
  • do Emergency Touch-Ups when you can't get to see your colorist
  • Guys can use it to cover grey in their beards and mustaches

What is the ColorMark shade range?

There are eight basic colors, formulated to blend with the best-selling hair color shades: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn.

How long does Color Mark last?

ColorMark is temporary hair color. It lasts until shampooed out.Color Mark Soft Tip Applicator

Does ColorMark flake or rub off?

ColorMark does not flake or rub off because it is true temporary hair color, It attaches to each individual strand of hair, unlike mascaras and crayons which only coat the surfae of the hair.

Can I brush my hair after applying Color Mark?

You should brush your hair after ColorMork dries . . . 1 minute if you air dry, 5 seconds with a blow dryer. There is no other product on the market that can be brushed after application. Crayons and mascaras will flake off if brushed.

Can I use styling products with ColorMark?

  • Mousse gels, and other styling products can be used prior to applying ColorMark.
  • Hair spray can be used over ColorMark.

Does Color Mark affect my permanent hair color?

ColorMark blends with permanent hair color. It does not change the color, However, it should be removed before the next application of permanent hair color

Does ColorMork work on dark roots, as well as gray roots?

ColorMark can not make dark hair lighter. It can only color gray roots.

Are there any harsh chemicals in Color Mark?

There are no harsh chemicals. ColorMark uses certified temporary hair colors without any ammonia or peroxide. In addition, ColorMark contains conditioners.

Can I use ColorMark on my eyebrows?

ColorMark is not recommended for use on eyebrows, because it is classified as a temporary hair color and, therefore carries customary warnings regarding use Ground the eyes.

How do I apply Color Mark?

  • Around a part use light, short strokes.
  • At temples and hairline, slide the ColorMark comb under the hair, then apply.

How long does a bottle of ColorMark last?

Depending on the amount of gray that needs to be covered, the average use-up is approximately 3 to 4 months.

What if Color Mark gets on my skin?

ColorMark wipes off with a damp Q-tip.

What if ColorMark gets on my clothing?

ColorMork is real hair color. It will stain clothing.

Can I play sports with Color Mark in my hair?

Heavy perspiration can cause ColorMark to rub off on fabrics (towel, hat, etc.). Light perspiration is not a problem.

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