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paul mitchell dog shampoo
Pet Shampoo Salon Grooming Products For Pets. Salon Quality Products for your pets! From John Paul Pets, John Paul Dog shampoo, conditioner and pet grooming needs.

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dog shampoo - waterless by John Paul

Waterless Foam Shampoo - For Dogs & Cats

Order Pet Shampoo Waterless Foam Shampoo

Thick, rich foam cleans coats and soothes skin, Waterless formula requires no rinsing, great to use during colder weather or for Pets who don't like getting a bath

Calming Moisturizing Shampoo -- Conditioning Formula dog shampoo - calming moisture shampoo by John Paul Pets

Order Pet Shampoo Moisturizing Calming

Calming Moisturizing Shampoo Conditioning Formula This ultra rich luxury shampoo is formulated with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil and chamomile extracts to help nourish and replenish dry, dull coats.


dog shampoo - tea tree by John Paul Pets

Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo - For Fleas, Ticks and Hotspots

Order Pet Shampoo Tea Tree Shampoo

Environmentally safe and effective and helps with flea, tick, and biting insect control. Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil helps to heal and sooth skin irritations, Contains no DEET, pyrethrens, synthetic pyrethroids or permethrin

tearless shampoo by John Paul Pets

Tearless Puppy & Kitten Shampoo

Order Pet Shampoo Tearless Puppy / Kitten Shampoo

Gentle Care for Pets of Any Age

Designed for Puppies & Kittens with sensitive skin, the Tearless formula contains our exclusive botanical blend to condition and add luster to your Pet's coat

Dog Shampoo - Super Bright by John Paul Pets

Super Bright Shampoo -- Whitening & Brightening Formula

Order Pet Shampoo Super Bright Coat Shampoo

This extraordinary formula has been developed for light colored coats to help control matting, tangling and flyaway hair, Fortified with hydrolyzed oats, chamomile and sweet almond oil, it cleans thoroughly and rinses easily leaving a sparkling clean

Oatmeal Shampoo  

Oatmeal Shampoo - dog shampoo  from John Paul PetsOatmeal Shampoo - Sensitive Skin Formula

Order Pet Shampoo Oatmeal Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

Specially formulated to sooth skin irritations, promote healing, and moisturize dry skin. Formulated with pure oatmeal, aloe vera gel, and sweet almond oil.

 Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse oatmeal conditioning rinse - by John Paul Pets

Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse - Detangling Formula

Order Pet Conditioner Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse for Sensitive Skin

This rich conditioner restores a silky feel to the coat, helps improve dry and wet combing, and enhances overall manageability, Takes out most difficult mats and tangles.

leave in - spray on conditioner - by John Paul Pets Oatmeal Conditioning Spray - Leave-In Conditioner

Instant Detangling Spray - No rinse Grooming Aid

Order Pet Conditioner Oatmeal Conditioning Spray

Specifically formulated to penetrate and help revitalize skin and hair coat, Detangles hair for easy brushing, Excellent for use between grooming visits.


detangling spray by John Paul Pets Instant Detangling Spray - No rinse Grooming Aid

Order Pet Conditioner instant coat detangler


Specifically formulated to penetrate into fur and help release and detangle unruly snarls. Excellent for use between grooming visits

tooth & gum wipes by John Paul Pets Pet Tooth & Gum Wipes - For All Pets

Specially formulated to help promote Dental Hygiene in your Pet,-- 45 sheets

Order Pet Wipes teeth & gum wipes

paw - body wipes by John Paul Pets Pet Full Body & Paw Wipes For all Pets

Pre-moistened wipes are specially formulated to help groom and clean your Pet, Use after a walk or for a quick clean-up, Also helps to remove loose hairs and dander from coat.-- 45 sheets

Order Pet Wipes paw & body wipes

eye - ear wipes by John Paul Pets Pet Ear & Eye Wipes

Specially formulated to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around your Pets' eyes and ears.

Order Pet Wipes
eye & ear wipes

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