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What makes SHINE IN such a remarkable new group of products for the professional stylist and client alike? The answer is simple. All SHINE IN products add brilliant shine to hair and not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. And this is why, unlike many other products, SHINE IN performs so effectively on fine hair.

The formulation uses a unique blend of natural oils and emollients that product shine and gloss on the outside of the hair. (Unlike most shine products which use heavy silicones that weigh hair down, especially fine hair.) This new technology creates a natural shine that leaves hair conditions, health and workable.

Then, brand new ceramide technology works on the inside of the hair to restore hair to its normal healthy, shiny state. Ceramides are humectants that restore the normal protective moisture barrier found in healthy hair. They nourish while binding moisture to the hair, providing shine, elasticity and energy SHINE IN products are designed for everyday use, and last all day long.

Shine In Shampoos:

This rich, creamy, sparkling shampoo for all hair types contains a unique combination of vitamins which work in synergy to produce eliminate shine and gloss. Creates a rich lather and leaves hair with a level of shiny silkiness and body that will amaze you.

Shine In Conditioners:

A rich conditioner for all hair types that detangles, restructures and nourishes hair from the inside out leaving it with unparalleled shine and body. Contains a unique combination of natural vitamins.


Shine In Styling Aids:


A revolutionary new elasticity enhancer that will become the first step in styling for anyone who tries it. Three or four pumps of PREP-IT before using any other products will restore the inner strength of the hair, giving you healthy, full, stylable hair will brilliant shine. Makes hair more responsive than ever before – so all your styling products will work twice as effectively.


Repair split ends while adding body and long lasting shine to all hair types. Contains unique body building agents and conditioners to smooth and seal split ends.


Get rid of frizz and fly away hair with this lightweight and anti-frizz and straightening cream. Provides brilliant shine and lasting results with or without the blow dryer.


An extremely workable, clean, strong holding gel, provides outstanding support and shine to all hair styles. Without flaking. Specially formulated to contain a unique combination of vitamins that work in synergy to produce unique shine and body, while hydrating ceramides infuse moisture to create shine from within.

* For Structure and Definition with brilliant shine, use Prep It and Shine In Gelly.

On damp hair, apply Prep It and evenly distribute. Next apply 1-2 pumps of Shine in Gelly and work firmly from scalp to ends while sculpting and "pre-setting" with fingers. Follow with blow-dryer and nozzle to build structure at the base. Then use fingers with the nozzle or diffuser to achieve the texture and definition needed.

Finish with Shine In Polishing Stick


This rich luxurious foam is extremely workable, will not flake, and protects the hair against heat and the environment. Specially formulated to contain a unique combination of vitamins that work in synergy to produce ultimate shine and body, while hydrating ceramides infuse moisture to create shine from within.

On damp hair, apply Prep It and evenly distribute. Next, take an ample amount of Shine In Mousse and work firmly into the root area for volume and carry out through the shaft and ends of the hair to give form to your desired style. Follow with blow-dryer and chosen styling tools.

Concentrate the airflow with the blow-dryer nozzle at the base of the scalp for volume first, then choose the direction needed for the shaft and ends.


Watch this thick, rich cream immediately transform into a tight, natural oil when rubbed briskly in the palm of your hands. Natural emollients and oils bestow ultimate shine, smoothness and manageability.


A fabulous fine hair shiner. This light workable spray formulated with natural emollients and oils produces outstanding gloss and shine to the hair.


A specialty shine and product dispensed in a whole new way. A simple twist releases just the right amount of a very clean fashion, enabling precise finishing. Natural emollients and oils produce exceptional shine and gloss to the hair.


is a revolutionary new elasticity enhancer that is a must as your first step in styling.

First use PREP-IT, then apply your regular styling products for hair performance unsurpassed until now. Three or four pumps of PREP-IT applied on damp hair before use of any other styling products will restore the inner strength of the hair, giving you healthy, full, stylable hair with brilliant shine. Unique ceramide technology makes

hair more responsive than ever before so all your styling products work twice as effectively.

PREP-IT‘s ceramide formulation works on the inside of the hair, nourishing and binding vital moisture to the hair shaft. In addition to the advanced ceramide technology. Wheat Amino Acids and Vitamins penetrate the cortex creating super elasticity while restoring the inner strength of the hair, returning it to it's healthiest state. Elasticity is vital to achieve and maintain healthy , strong hair. Improved elasticity means hair will respond the way you want it to.

Joan is a true believer in the new PREP-IT product. I think Joan first became a hair stylist because of her baby fine hair. If you have the same baby fine hair (I mean really baby fine hair), I am sure you feel the same frustration as Joan. From experience I can tell you that when Joan smiles, we've got a winner! The first time Joan used PREP-IT on her fine hair she was grinning from ear to ear. The next day she was telling her clients

how her "blow dry only" style lasted all day with just PREP-IT alone.

Now -- you are supposed to use PREP-IT and your normal styling aid. Joan put the PREP-IT on her damp dried hair and proceeded to blow it dry (leaving out her normal styling aid) As you can see Joan has her own way of testing, and being in my right mind I don't argue I just listen. My eyes tell me PREP-IT is going to be a winner and my ears tell me Joan agrees.

If you blow-dry your hair (normal, colored, fine, or permed), or have damaged hair that needs an elasticity boost, we think you will like the PREP-IT difference.

PREP-IT Styling Tips

Create a styling full of volume and lift.

First Apply PREP-IT evenly throughout damp hair.

Follow with Biogenol Bodifying Foam. Blow dry hair straight and finish style with Biogenol Design Hair Spray.

Create Volume with silky softness on textured hair.

First Apply PREP-IT evenly through damp hair. Follow with STOP FRIZZ from the Biogenol Texture Collection. Blow dry hair while straightening.

Create a spiked effect.

First Apply PREP-IT evenly throughout damp hair. Follow with Biogenol STYLING GLAZE or BRASH Gel from the Biogenol Texture Collection. Allow hair to dry naturally. Finish with Biogenol Texture Collection HOLD 10 Spray.

Create a bouncier, firmer "set" curl.

First Apply PREP-IT evenly throughout damp hair. Blow dry hair. Spray PRO-FORM from the Biogenol Texture Collection on dry hair. Set with Velcro Rollers. To finish style, spray HOLDS 10 from the Biogenol Texture Collection.

Achieve a separated, tendril effect on naturally curly hair.

First Apply PREP-IT evenly through damp hair. Follow with an even distribution of SHINE IN Polishing Cream. Dry naturally or use a diffuser. Separate with fingers and finish with Biogenol DESIGN SPRAY.


Apply 3-4 pumps of PREP-IT's break through formula as your first step in styling. Distribute PREP-IT evenly through damp hair. Once PREP-IT is applied, continue with use of styling products. Style as usual.

Shine In Hair Spray:

TAKE HOLD (Aerosol hairspray)

A wonderfully workable hair spray designed to provide strong hold with ultimate shine. It’s non-sticky, instant drying will not build up or flake.



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