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Roffler Conditioner, Roffler Shampoo, & Roffler HairSpray help maintain your Roffler Hairstyles at home. High demand for Roffler Shampoo, Roffler Protein Normalizing Lotion and Roffler Sculpt Mist Firm Hold Hair Spray speak well for these high quality, long lasting & cost effective products.

Roffler hair care starts, of course, with a Roffler method hairstyle, designed for your facial structure and hair growth patterns. Roffler products are used to prepare the hair before the hairstyle is started. Later, Roffler hair products, such as Roffler Thick & Rich Blue Shampoo, Roffler Protein 35 Conditioner, Roffler Protein Normalizing Lotion and Roffler Sculpt Mist Firm Hold Hair Spray are recommended to make your home Hair Care simple.

Once discovered, Roffler-trained hairstylists (and Roffler Products), are sought out nation wide. The standard of excellence remains!

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Edmond "POP" Roffler of Coral Gables Florida, discovered and brought this "originally European" method of hairstyling to America in 1958. While new in America, European haircutters have been using these technique for many years. "POP" Roffler developed a training system and later franchised people to practice the Roffler Sculpture Kut under his trademark.

In 1966 a group of Roffler stylists won the European Hairstyling Competition in Brussels (a first). In 1964 there were between 200 - 300 Roffler stylists. In 1979 there were over 4,400 Roffler salons nation wide. Roffler first brought Framesi Hair color into the USA and later the Color PLUS Line was added forming FP Brands. This group was later purchased by Styling Technology. The Colimar Group took over and the Roffler product line was sold off. Today Roffler again, proudly stands alone.


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