Roffler Panthenol Shampoo, Roffler hair care gallon size

Roffler Panthenol Shampoo

Roffler Panthenol Shampoo: Panthenol is contained in  Roffler Thickening Shampoo, Roffler Neutralizer Shampoo and Roffler Mountain Sage Shampoo. All three Roffler Shampoos are available in Roffler hair care gallon size. Roffler gallons are available form Roffler hair products distributors everywhere. Click here to make  Roffler Hair Products Orders.

What is panthenol used for

PANTHENOL for hair:
Panthenol is a vitamin of the B complex family and a normal constituent of skin and hair. Its effects are to improve damaged hair. It has dramatic and lasting effects of flexibility, elasticity, luster, helps moisture retention, and helps provide a good, soft feel. Click here to learn more about Lange 5% Panthenol Treatment for your hair.

Panthenol is also contained in Roffler Finishing Rinse conditioners as well as Roffler Thick & Rich Conditioner. Following your Roffler Panthenol Shampoo with a Roffler Panthenol Conditioner will improve the condition of your hair.

PANTHENOL for skin:

Lange 5% PANTHENOL TREATMENT for Skin Care ...  the same one detailed for your hair (above) was an industry standard until the company stopped making products. Today 2 companies have come very close to the original Lange 5% Panthenol treatment . You can get their products for your skin and hair right here. Just click the following links:

Robanda 5% Panthenol Therapy    and     California Concepts 5% Panthenol

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