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The Cure 24 - 7  The Cure Fixes the OUTSIDE of your hair!  Is a reconstructive treatment that you can apply on dry or wet hair.

  • One option is to apply the cure to your hair before you go to bed and in the morning you will have great "brand-new" beautiful hair. Apply The Cure at night and then style you hair in the morning and see for yourself!

  •  The best option is to apply ER Fusion - to fix the INSIDE of the hair the apply The Cure 24-7 to fix the OUTSIDE

  • The third option is to apply The Cure 24-7 to your hair then follow it with Liquid Texture Firm, dry your hair and then style you hair right away using flat irons, the NEW Marcel/Spring Curling Irons, pin curls, or Velcro Strips

  • forth - The Cure 24/7 repairs split ends - it's like magic.

  • The micro gels last in the hair about a week (depending on the amount of damage)

  • fifth  - this product even works on hair extensions!

  • fixes spit ends

  • lasts about a week (depending on the amount of damage)

ER Fusion fixes your hair from the inside! The Cure  24/7  fixes your hair from the outside!  With hairstyling it is applying  the Heat or using the Water that that actually allows you to do something to the hair. With 24/7 The Cure  - you don't need water and you don't need heat! The process that makes The Cure 24/7 work is called "cellular bridging." The Delivery system is a brand new gel called "micro gels." To liken it to something - lets say the fabric of your hair is a wall filled with holes. The Cure 24/7 comes in and fills all the holes so your wall (hair) is "perfect!"  We are not perfection the hair with protein, We start out by fixing the inner structure of the hair with ER Fusion. The Cure 24/7 has to do with the outside of the hair, and it does not use proteins. Instead, the orchid extract, Bulbophyllum sp is used in the leave-in reconstructive treatment The Cure 24/7. (see White Sands Orchids Oil for more about the benefits of moisturizing your hair with orchids oil)

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This is what you will see and hear on the educational Texture Sessions DVD about The Cure 24-7:
  • The Cure 24 -7 is a reconstructive hair treatment that you can apply on either dry or wet hair.
  • Apply it to your hair before you go to bed and in the morning you will have great brand new, beautiful hair.
  • The Cure works on your own hair and on hair extensions equally well.
  • The application is where most of the damage is - mid shaft to the ends - because that is where the hare is most greatly compromised.
  • Fernando Salas intentionally picked a model with blond hair because blond hair is very hard to make shiny and make it "come alive" -
  • So not only is this a good product for compromised it is a good product for shine and bring the look-of-the-hair "back to life. "
  • First we apply The cure 24 - 7 to the mid shaft and ends then we apply Liquid texture firm right over the top.
  • We dry the product and then we begin designing the style.
  • I would like to share with you the new science concerning the product - The Cure 24 - 7
  • As you know in hairdressing it is either the water or the heat the cause the ingredients to actually do something to the hair.
  • In this case 24 - 7 needs neither one.
  • The process is actually called cellular bridging.
  • The delivery system is a brand new gel - it's called, micro gels.
  • If I could liken it to something it would be like if you had a wall that was full of holes and 24-7 comes and fills in the holes to make the hair perfect.
  • The cure 24 - 7 does not perfect the hair with protein.
  • We have already fixed the inner structure of the hair with ER Fusion.
  • The 24-7 has to do with the outside of the hair and not proteins. So you can't over do the over- proteinizing thing.
  • The other cool thing about the 24-7 is that it literally fixes the split ends with some special gums that are part of the ingredients.
  • In order to re-fracture the split ends you would have to take a section and stroke it with a brush brush over 20 times to - re- mess them up.
  • That's how amazing this is. It really fixes the canvas in an amazing way.
  • The other thing I want you to notice about this hair style - is there is texture all the way down.
  • You don't have to wear your extensions just straight any more. You have an ability to change that stuff.
  • Remember the steps are 1-fix the canvas 2-fix the texture & 3-start the design
  • Please note the hair is shiny all the way down. the hair has been transformed without shampooing or conditioning.
  • The orchids oil extracts and the micro gels are lasting in the hair for about a week.








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White Sands The Cure

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